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I have reinstalled Toast 17 numerous times in Mojave. The main Toast program is great, with more options than other apps except Wondershare DVD Creator.
--Plus: Can use vertical menus
---------Can change the background picture
---------It plays well in the DVD player.

---It will crash for over 15 videos in the mix, no matter how much space they require.
---It will crash because of the ancient, unupdated Soundflower audio plugin that corrupts my other programs and changes sound output and input defaults....thereby causing other problems.
--It installs other programs I have trouble removing afterwards.

Wondershare is the only other program that seems to have 64 bit support that gives the same options, but every time I encode it (even without Toast installed and a wipe-and-load), the audio is distorted. Until they fix it, I cannot recommend that program. Bummer. I like it more.

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Roxio Toast 16 worked beautifully on High Sierra, and it is the only app that allowed me to see many videos in a menu for youtube downloads. I typically burn about 15 4-minute videos, both PAL and NTSC. The advantage in Toast is that you can turn off automatic chapter creation so that the forward button skips to the next video. The disadvantage was that the app was limited to 32 bit. Toast 17 was updated to 64-bit and burns the same disks in only 20 minutes. However, in Mojave O.S., it crashes often, and corrupts Quicktime. I have had it. I logged into Roxio and could not find a new download after a tech instructed me to uninstall and reinstall Toast. I deleted all the preference files so that Quicktime works again, but now have to find an alternate app that I can like.