We started TipHive, because we were frustrated with how hard it is to share and find information and collaborate as a team. Information is scattered across multiple applications, lost in chat apps, buried in emails, and just plain stuck in people's heads! TipHive centralizes your team's information.

On TipHive create and share bite-sized pieces of information in Cards, a faster and better way to share information. Cards replaces files/documents, emails, meetings, chats. You can add files, images, short or long text, charts, pdfs, videos and more! Cards are a faster, more social, more collaborative and more flexible way of sharing information.

Topics are a new and better way of organizing information. Each team member can organize their own way by adding Cards to Topics that make sense to them, helping them find what they need quickly and facilitating repurposing of content. Cards can be connected to as many different Topics as you want!

The various Views we provide are a new and better way to interact with your content / to optimize your workflow

Cards, Topics and Views let your team work in a completely different way. Share fast, share more and improve together.


Free with limited functionality

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One time purchase (perpetual license)

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Great app, was looking for one place to view all my various sources of information and this was the perfect solution!

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