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Fills in one of the most missing features of the Linux desktop

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What a great program. Now you can tinker with your Linux installation to your heart's content without any serious consequences. No meddling with virtual OS'es for the same reason needed. If that's not cool I don't know what is.


Indespensible App

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Great app for unsavvy Linux users. It literally erases damage by reversing time on your system.


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I have this application installed on my Linux Mint computer. I've used it at least 15 times so far, and it works very well. If I am not mistaken, it uses RSYNC as the backend, although BTRFS is also possible.

I set up Timeshift to automatically back up most of my files on the root partition, excluding a few like /dev, /proc, and others that I can't recall right now. Timeshift will take a snapshot of certain folders so that you can go back to it when needed. Since most programs I install end up in /bin, /etc, /opt, or /usr, by backing this up, I am able to revert these folders to a previous state. That way, if some upgrade of a package goes horribly wrong, fixing it is easy.

You can also set a schedule for Timeshift to back up your folders at certain intervals. For me, I back up every week and keep a list of the last 4 backups before automatically deleting the oldest one.