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I appreciate the simplicity in design, however this can also be a con working against it as well. I lost data stored by Time Machine due to what I feel to be a design flaw. The software will make backups regularly and consistently. However it will not verify the content of the backups it makes except for once every 6 months. That is just how it's been programmed to function. Make the backups, but don't verify the backups except for once every 6 months. What this means is that there is a small window of opportunity that a file you expect is there, actually did not get stored / copied over properly. I had a file that was backed up roughly 1 month after the previous 6 month verification had been done. It so happened that the file was empty. Time Machine had made the file placeholder but not completed transferring it over, leaving an empty placeholder behind -- a useless file. That was the last time I decided to trust time machine.

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Worked like a charm since the past 8 years I have used a mac.

Never failed!