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This is malware / ransomware!

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The official Twitter account of Popcorn Time has published an infographic, saying that this version is malware.

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«...it has been brought to our attention that a ransomware with the name Popcorn Time has circulated around the internet for a couple of days. We are of course not associated in any way with this ransomware that piggybacks our name and effort. But we feel it is a great occasion to tell all our lovely users that they should use a safe version where they know how it is built, not by who, but that all the code is available for everyone to inspect and anyone will be able to build it independently, you know this is why Popcorn Time always has been and always will be Free Software!»

«If you got your Popcorn Time version from any other place than popcorntime.sh or If you are unsure of the Popcorn Time version you are running we recommend uninstalling it and get a fresh copy from popcorntime.sh. The installation can be checked throught Popcorn Time Jenkins