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It's a mess

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For both users and implementors or developers. It's a weird patchwork of features that vary in quality and consistency. I can only recommend this to people who either know PHP (or should i say Smarty?) pretty well or who don't have high expectations and just need something versatile quickly.

It needs a seriously re-implemented frontend. No two admin pages have the same look and feel.


Dammit !

Their home page is so ugly.
It looks like back in the 90s.

It don't want to see further.

DanMan: A few comments on your feedback.

"features that vary in quality and consistency.": True, but so would any system with tons of features, in an evolving landscape, and built by a large number of people. And in Tiki, they are all built-in (and optional), and work well together:

"I can only recommend this to people who either know PHP (or should i say Smarty?) pretty well": Well it really depends on your project (you looking for a web app or a framework?). I challenge you to tell me about a single other FOSS Web app with which you can do more without changing a line of PHP.

"It needs a seriously re-implemented frontend." -> In Tiki 13, we are moving to Bootstrap to make it easier to have consistency in the look & feel.

"No two admin pages have the same look and feel." I don't really understand or agree with this one. The dozens of admin pages at tiki-admin.php all have the same format.

rjolivet: I agree, that it's not very nice. Want to help? :-)

The beauty of the home page should be a really small factor in your decision. Please check out: https://info.tiki.org/Benefits

@marclaporte: My feedback is dated Aug 2012, so all that may have changed obviously.

The thing is, if the features you actually need are the (somewhat) broken ones, all the other features don't matter. But you won't know about that until you've tried it, which can mean a lot of wasted time on evaluation.

About the backend: what i meant is: i tried to apply a custom backend skin, but the HTML was so inconsistent that I gave up quickly.