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Yes and NOOO !
Great but BUGS render it useless

This app has so much potential: I've never seen an app that allows you to:
1) use index cards on a board in various configurations including freestyle and in organised rows, pushing existing cards out of the way to make way for new ones
2) Allow cards WITHIN cards - in other words, to nest subcards within other cards, like Russian Dolls.

Mindola Supernote Card is the only thing that comes close - it has nested cards too. However (the last time I used it, before it went ONLINE) in certain layouts, it made a real mess of the cards if you tried to re-order them. Looking at it again just now, I can see that WRAP layout retains the order of cards well, but it defeats the purpose of being able to lay things out to express different chunks of information. For that one needs to use COLUMNS or ROWS - which it has. But it also seems to mess those up easily and it doesn't have an UNDO. In fact it lacks an undo in ALOT of things. It also lacked options in formatting text or even being able to add clicable URLS.

Besides, they went online and I don't trust or like online-only apps. And I loathe subscription models.

Writer's Blocks DOES move cards out of the way but lacks subcards, is expensive, and unwieldy/perhaps buggy.

HOWEVER - Throughline has BUGS and wierd ways of doing things that make it currently USELESS:
1. It does NOT retain your card order after saving - rendering it useless
2. It does this wierd thing where it saves every board separately, including all the sub-boards. This is confusing.

DO NOT PAY FOR THIS before checking it.
(NOTE: I was using XP)

It could also do with some way of knowing where in the hierachy (of nested boards/notes) you are - ideally using breadcrumbs. Supernote card provides both breadcrumbs and a tree outline.

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_[Edited by TimAustralia, May 24]_