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It is an ebook reader with an open source alternative to Adobe DRM (as Adobe Digital Edition)
This open source DRM is called READIUM LCP

So THORIUM reader is an LCP ebook reader_
it can allow ebook borrowing and lending in a public library for example via the READIUM LCP standard
other apps dealing with LCP



Readium LCP is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology developed by the publishing industry, for the publishing industry. It is a vendor-neutral, interoperable and distributed DRM solution, created and promoted by Readium members and managed by EDRLab.

The Readium LCP is used by Japanese , French, Canadian, and Belgium libraries as an alternative to Adobe DRM (Adobe Digital Edition)

LCP defines a simple passphrase-based authentication method, which is minimally intrusive for end users AND fulfills the requirements of public libraries, booksellers and publishers regarding content protection.

LCP is designed for privacy and GDPR compliance (required for EU adoption) since no third-party is collecting user data.

Client applications can be developed on mobile devices, desktop computers and e-readers. Browser based applications cannot integrate LCP, as such applications cannot handle DRM details safely enough.

LCP is free from transaction costs. The only mandatory cost for using the DRM is a yearly certification fee for each server or client application supporting LCP.

LCP is built using standard & best practice technology for content encryption:

AES 256 bits encryption for content and content keys
SHA-256 for user passphrases
RSA with SHA-256 for signing licenses.
Supported Formats
Different publication formats can be protected by LCP; this includes:

EPUB 2 and EPUB 3, including with embedded audio and video content
PDF documents
Readium Packaged Web Publications (audiobooks and DiViNa)

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