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I'm no commenting about the ThinkFree Office Suite, but the ThikFree Office Viewer, It's free and has no ads, something that you can't find on other apps like WPS Office, Polaris Office(You can make a one time pay for an ad-free version but you have a lot of other limitations, like the amount of times you can actually use the app) or OfficeSuite without paying a subscription, and I just one to see my documents on the smartphone, If I would like to edit or make a document I would use my laptop not my smartphone.


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  • requires online subscription
  • only free for 2 months
  • no size mentioned in play store.

Even if it varies by device, you will never know how much of your data will be wasted.

Never tried it because of the above points.


Commercial base is unfortunate and the might could offer free home version to counter WPS and OnlyOffice, but definitely it doesn't mean it worth 1/5. It's actually pretty good in terms of functionality and has almost complete OOXML support as WPS, unlike LibreOffice.