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"You're wrong, I'm right" - actual quote from my call to customer service.

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Rude and condescending. Bob Christensen is the owner apparently. He is also the customer service rep, and the salesperson. He was a total jerk to me. He said "I don't need to look at your account, JUST DO WHAT I'M SAYING." I'm surprised 'moron' didn't come out of his mouth. It was on the tip of his tongue for sure.

The thing is, he was right. I was wrong. But does that matter? I'm not stupid. I'm very well educated, computer savvy and friendly. I made a simple, excusable mistake. ALL he had to do was go into my account and say 'you see where that X is now a Y in your new license code?' That's ALL he had to do. But instead he spent twice that time talking to me like I was an idiot and telling me that he didn't need to help me I just needed to simply 'do what he said.'

"You're wrong, I'm right" - actual quote from my call to customer service. So much for the customer is always right. It's a shame given the wonderful product theformtool is.


We appreciate Mr. Fulghum’s private note explaining that he went “overboard” when he posted his review as a result of external pressures he is experiencing. We wish him success in dealing with his issues. We are pleased that Mr. Fulghum believes TheFormTool is wonderful automated documentation assembly offering despite his review. We’ve taken the liberty of refunding his entire subscription price while allowing him continued use of our software at no cost and with our complements until his three-year subscription expires.