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Mac OSX support is abysmal.

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Starting after v5, the support for this software has become unacceptable.

After a large amount upgraded to Lion, an upgrade was promised over and over again, because the OS dropped support for PowerPC code.Comments were deleted from the forums, threads of complaints were "lost", emails were never returned, and at one point the entire forum side of the website was shutdown.

Version 6 was released, with no support for pre-version version users. All the assets and content from pre-v6 were not carried over, so you were faced with nothing to work with. Even as of this posting, Windows users are having an issue where once they save a project, they can't get to it without making manual edits and changes for the application to even re-use it. If they were that lucky.

Stay away from this software. You can visit the site yourself and see first-hand the complications and problems stemming from the use of this application.

It's too bad - for some time, it was really good software...