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Buggy, Slow, and Sparsely Maintained

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At the time of writing, TexMaths is practically the only means available for LibreOffice users to incorporate TeX into their documents. Unfortunately, even lightweight use of this app will cause LibreOffice to crash very frequently. Not only is it highly unstable, but it is also painfully slow to render. Yes, it is true that the rendering is outsourced to your native TeX installation as a backend, but using that same installation directly or indirectly via other frontends does not render anywhere near as slowly. In other words, the slowness comes from TexMaths and not my TeX installation. Finally, this project is updated very infrequently, and the latest updates haven't even been maintained on the LibreOffice Extensions page (even though newer updates have been made available on the plugin's homepage).

Until TexMaths makes some major improvements, TeX appears to be out of the question for LibreOffice users altogether for the time being.

For my particular needs, I've found LyX to be a suitable alternative for using TeX in a WYSIWY(G/M) environment.