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What can be easier than to use an intuitive tool that leads you directly to your goal? Simple and efficient, just the way a test management tool should be.


a lean, cheap and easy to use alternative to the big players like HP QC/ALM and Tosca

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What I like about testmate is the wizard like guidance that helps you to build up your test Project from scratch.
Starting with the test strategy "What has to be tested When" that helps you to define your test objects, "Where it has to be tested?" (in which test object category) and "When it has to be tested" (in which Iteration or Version).

Creating your test cases is easy and already gives you the opportunity to add screenshots on test step levels and documents and requirements on test case levels. But what is really cool is the separation in "Logical" and "concrete" parts of the test cases.
Means that you have your Standard test steps (on the left side) with all possible test steps and your data-filled test steps (on the right side) to create all your necessary values and test data packed in "data-filled" test cases. You can select only the steps that you need for each specific TC.

Execution and reporting is very intuitive and works like you probably already know from QC/ALM.

Conclusion: It is a great alternative to the other Players! Give it a try and decide for yourself. You can switch languages English/German.

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Positively sureprized!