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Amazing undelete abilities, amazing partition restoring abilities, all-around amazing tool.

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Today, I managed to recover my partition table, my ntfs, ext4 and an old reiserfs partition, and save all my deleted files from the ntfs and ext4 partitions!

It has helped me so many times, in dire situations… They will be the very first people I’ll send money to when I have some again.

It’s amazing how well of a job this thing does.
If you can’t restore it with this, then nothing will restore it, save for going full-on forensics, searching for byte sequence patterns in empty space and so on.

[By the way, the Ubuntu wiki has a wonderful large list of recovery tools.]


Without good GUI, still rocks!

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Just like the others here, my ass was saved too when my MicroSD card just wouldn't work without 'needs to be formatted' message popping up. Techsupportalert guys mentioned this as an excellent software to recover stuff and make boot sectors work by just Googling for help and directions.

I found a website with slightly unclear directions but I didn't even need to try the 'copy' function - the 'repair BS' option caused the flash drive to appear normal on Windows 7 again and become accessible.

Thanks to the makers of this software. You rock!

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Flawlessly restored an accidentally deleted NTFS partition in a matter of seconds ??

Extremely usable, even without a GUI. Top notch documentation.