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TenClips is one of the best free software on the market.
I am a network administrator and help desk technician. I know it may have been designed for developers in mind however I urge anyone who multi-tasks to check it out. Imagine remotely supporting clients that call in one after another. 3 or 4 remote support windows open at once, 4 user's username and passwords, 4 different company admin credentials, 4 different exchange servers, etc... etc.. and you can start to see just the main reason this software is amazing.

Amazing Tid-Bits
These guys didn't forget the little things. Being able to customize the hot-keys for selecting which of the 10 clipboards you are on, saving multiple clipboard sets and being able to load them when switching between tasks or clients, sending clipboards to other computers or phones, to the main window you can leave up on one of your many monitors to be seen easily at all times.

I even had a request to one of the designers Laurent about the main window not showing the updated copied text until you click the window. For someone using it like me it was practically paramount for this to update real time. Laurent was a hell of a guy and didn't even take me up on my offer to donate more and well two days later I had my setting and could not be happier.

The program is so good, my efficiency rating at work actually went up. Consider that hard data if you are on the fence about it. I have tried many other programs over the last 10+ IT years. This is simply the best. I recommend doubling the program with NoteZilla another great program. They are both low on the cpu and work really well together. If you have a dedicated screen to leave them up on you will see the benefits immediately. Transparency is your friend hint hint.

Anyone can Feel Free to PM me any questions on how to use it most efficiently and i will gladly respond. I want this program for years to come so I don't mind supporting it at all.