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Task Scheduler Reviews

Free System Scheduler is better than Windows Task Scheduler

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Advantages of System-Scheduler over Windows Task Scheduler

  • Names of the Tasks can be changed
  • Tasks can be duplicated
  • Backup of all Tasks alltogether to an INI-File
  • Restore of all Tasks alltogether from an INI-File
  • Export of all Tasks to a CSV-file
  • Same professional time scheduling as the Windows Task Scheduler
    e.g. every third sunday of each month

Disadvantages of System-Scheduler compared with Windows Task Scheduler

  • System-Scheduler has only an English User interface
  • also not portable available (as Windows Task Scheduler),
    so you also need admin-rights for installing it
    the best portable alternative is the Kana Reminder, but the Kana Reminder is not able
    to schedule a task every third sunday of each month, only on sunday every 3 (not 4) weeks