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Wide functionality for only $2. The perfect tool for those who sell through the Instagram.


as well as for bloggers.

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It would be cool if there were templates for different businesses. Thanks!


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Sending messages from Instagram to Whatsapp for one click! This is awesome!


Not only WA! Facebook messnger + skype +line + etc.

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This is a very powerful and convenient tool.


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Unfortunately, I couldn't get beyond signing up for a trial. I wasn't receiving their verification code. I tried using my business email - an Outllook email address. When connected to a rep for help, the initial solution offered was to use/create a different email - this solution was offered without any context.

I don't want my business and personal emails cross pollinating in my inboxes. I expressed this concern and inquired about the context around this initial solution. It seemed weird to assume a company just doesn't support Outlook email addresses. But, they do support outlook. It turns out they're just running into an issue at the moment - which is understandable.

So the new solution became: Sign up with a different email, then transfer my Taplink account to the email address of my choice. Which would be a good idea, if it wasn't for the fact that the email of my choice in unsupported.

I can understand that this is likely a temporary issue. So I inquired about notification - should I expect to hear when this outlook issue is resolved? To myself, I was wondering how well this issue is being communicated to their clients, and the public at all.

In response, I was sent the step-by-step to complete the aforementioned "new solution" with no acknowledgement of my follow up question about notification. I guess I'm expected to troubleshoot this issue on a recurring basis instead of focusing on my work? No tell of when the problem will be solved, but it's up to me to sign up first, then find out for myself?

I began to ask my question again, with some context of my own as to make clear that I didn't expect them to know when it would be fixed, but that I wondered if I would be notified. Then I thought twice. I don't even have an account with this company and I'm running into issues that turn the average person away. I'm looking for solutions, not more burdens.

So now I'm seeking alternatives.