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Tagxedo Review

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Tagxedo is a new, innovative way to create word clouds.These word clouds can be formed by placing words together in a specific image. It is an application that can be compared to Wordle; however, in my opinion, it is even better. Tagxedo is versatile in which users can create custom shapes and fonts, insert different languages, and it even has a "deja vu" option! The "deja vu" option can make the same word appear in the same color in size so the user can interpret certain similarities.

This application can potentially be very useful for educational purposes. Tagxedo stimulates early-childhood learning; for example, make a word cloud of "Twinkle, Twinkle" and have the child point out the words in the Tagxedo as they are singing along. Another use in the classroom would be to create a Tagxedo to summarize a presentation, movie, or book which would help students remember key points and terms of their previous learning. Finally, make a word cloud to brainstorm topics. This will enable students to start the research process and will help initiate and guide class discussions and debates.

Although Tagxedo remains on surface level, it can be very useful in the business world--- specifically in marketing and advertising. Users can turn a business's logo into a Tagxedo; one can use words and an image of something he or she is trying to advertise. This application also enables users to present statistics visually. For example, the option "normalize frequency" shows ranking. Like in education, the business world can use Tagxedo to brainstorm topics--- it is certainly good for buzzword analysis and idea generation.

Overall, Tagxedo is user friendly and it is easy to create an account--- keep in mind, it is still possible to create Tagxedos without an account. The only negative is that it is surface level. However, with it being surface level, users can get instant results with engagement. It is also a non-linear and creative way to present ideas. The website offers support by having a quick-start guide for new users, a detailed questions and answers, and specialized tutorials.



My favourite word cloud generator so far

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Waht I like best about Tagxedo is that is allows to make clouds of any shape. This is not possible in Wordle.

Too bad it requires the Silverlight plugin.