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Nice but not adapted to big number of files

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Really promising software but...

I fill it with 7658 files and then add some custom tags on 2 files. The software started to be really slow and consume more than 1GByte of RAM.

The tag search function seems to work only on current selected folder and there is no recursion. Not really usefull in my opinion

A lot of good ideas but not able to handle thousands of files.


It is true that TagSpaces slows down quite a bit when it's given a folder with many files. However, be patient; it's cataloging the folder contents and will eventually emerge victorious. At least that has been my experience.

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I like the concept of TagSpaces, and it does do what it promises, But I feel like the UI is horrendous. It's like a direct port of a cell phone app interface. Not sure if it was designed to work for people with touch screens, or if it's just made this way to be "cool."


Excellent application

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After Version 1.7.8 , the best offline file organizer

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Nice app to manage local files with tagging ability.