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I like the concept of TagSpaces, and it does do what it promises, But I feel like the UI is horrendous. It's like a direct port of a cell phone app interface. Not sure if it was designed to work for people with touch screens, or if it's just made this way to be "cool."


Nice but not adapted to big number of files

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Really promising software but...

I fill it with 7658 files and then add some custom tags on 2 files. The software started to be really slow and consume more than 1GByte of RAM.

The tag search function seems to work only on current selected folder and there is no recursion. Not really usefull in my opinion

A lot of good ideas but not able to handle thousands of files.


It is true that TagSpaces slows down quite a bit when it's given a folder with many files. However, be patient; it's cataloging the folder contents and will eventually emerge victorious. At least that has been my experience.

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The concept is interesting and… It… looks good.

That's really the only positive thing I can say about TagSpaces.

The reason is that beyond that, it seems more like a proof of concept than something you are actually intended to use. Let's list the reasons:

  • Performance. That's actually the major negative point. Most of the time I spent testing it, the program kept buffering to import thumbnails or whatnot. And you'd think that it only happens once… but nope. As soon as I left a given directory and came back again, I was into 30 more minutes of buffering.
  • Tags aren't actually tags. It just renames your files. Because of that, it forces you to organize in a given way that most certainly isn't compatible with your workflow.
  • An incredibly basic interface. If you're just into browsing photos or whatnot, I guess it might be enough. But if you want to have any kind of task done, that's not the file browser you'll be using. Besides that, the options it proposes depend solely on TagSpaces. At no time does it copy your usual contextual menu for instance so you often end up using the "Open in Explorer" option - yeah, you're probably thinking the same thing as me:

**"I could have done that from the start." **

And that last sentence sums up my experience with TagSpaces.


The free version still does not allow permanent in...

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They updated it **2020.11.24 **

The free version finally doesn't waste your time Indexing everything again, it just takes a second or a few and it loads the thumbnails you loaded previously.

They also added options for Results per page but the Unlimited option doesn't work

It still lags even though you limit it to 100 results per page, dragging tags onto things is laggy and sometimes doesn't even tag the item until you refresh to see the result.

But I guess it works in the end.

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It's not just a photo manager (like Picasa), or just a local wiki (like Zim), but does photos, text-files and saved web snippets. In that sense it's closer to Evernote than Picasa, but local and focused on tagging files rather than taking notes. That it does all that does not seem to get in the way of only using it for photos.

Tags are saved in the filename, I do not like this.

This is very subjective, but I think it looks very good. That does not mean the interface is good, quite the opposite. There are keyboard shortcuts, but it's very lacking or non-obvious how to do most things easily. Submitting the tag dialog, as far as I can tell you have to either tab like four times or use your mouse rather than something simple like Ctrl+Enter. It also lacks things that are universal and work in almost all programs like click, shift-click to select a range. These are just examples; TagSpaces lacks important controls or it does have them but they're counter-intuitive, either way, poor UX.

Already looking for something else.


The community edition allows user to turn off tagging through file names and to use sidecar files instead. https://www.tagspaces.org/products/community/#tagSidecarSaving

Excellent application

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After Version 1.7.8 , the best offline file organizer


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Tags folders and files. Makes them easy to find. Can be operated in two modes: tag added to file name or tag added to adjacent file.


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Nice app to manage local files with tagging ability.