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Bad experience with the company, decent software

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The software is a great idea. I use it extensively. I can't use Gmail and its tags at work, so this is perfect.


I have sent in two phone calls, several support requests, and received not one single response back. I've experienced a couple of issues with the software. Most recently the docked window panes that are peculiar to Taglocity no longer appear in Outlook. I've tried numerous times to get support, nothing ever comes of it.

I'm kinda pissed now. It makes me wonder if the business is going under and they don't have anyone manning the helm any longer.

I wish I had some kind of alternative to Taglocity that still worked in Outlook. I'd take it in a heartbeat.

If you're considering buying Taglocity, don't. They won't support you, they'll only take your money and run.