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If you loved Zooom/2 on Mac, Taekwindow will feel like your home-away-from-home when you're using Windows!
I am a long-time user of Zooom/2 on Mac. It took many years for me to find a comparable app on Windows, and Taekwindow is it! Many other window management tools focus on tiling your windows, but fall short on giving a more powerful tool to move and resize windows exactly the way I want. The key combinations are slightly different, and it doesn't seem to support magnetics. That said, Taekwindow does virtually the exact same thing that Zooom/2 did, giving you an easier way to move and resize all of the windows on your desktop.
No need to worry about finding the ultra-thin borders or clicking the wrong spot on overloaded title bars in Windows 10.
Move and resize windows across multiple monitors.
Easily send windows toward the background.
Make sure you configure it to start on reboot, and give Windows a fresh reboot to make sure it works without any hitches.