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This program is amazing. It's easily my favorite extension of all time. In my opinion, it's criminally underrated.

Here's why I love this extension:

As someone who regularly uses around 20-180 simultaneous tabs across 2-4 Chrome windows during a single browsing session, Tabs Outliner has let me do so much more to keep track of and organize my browsing. There is a learning curve, and sometimes the task of organizing archives of tabs can be quite daunting (I have >25,000 pages saved from over the years), but having the ability to store and rearrange them all is what makes it even possible in the first place, and that's exactly what Tabs Outliner does.

In my opinion, there's absolutely no contest; Tabs Outliner DEMOLISHES rivals like LastTab, TooManyTabs, TheGreatSuspender, et cetera. Extensions like OneTab and Session Buddy show some promise and have small subjective appeal over parts of Tabs Outliner, but I still honestly think they don't even come close whatsoever. Unfortunately, the other extensions simply don't have nearly the same level of functionality that Tabs Outliner does.

I purchased the premium version a while ago, and it's been completely worth it, even for a frugal soul like myself. It's a one-time payment to register your email/account as a premium user; I paid somewhere around $15. The functionalities, commands/shortcuts, and online backup services available to paid users are great.

As awesome as I think Tabs Outliner is, I am still hoping for some improvements. The developer seems like a respectable guy, though the development process seems like it's been too slow for quite a while now. I think the extension still has a lot more potential, and I really want it to be realized.

Here are some things that could/should be added:

Native bulk/multi-selection options would be great. Shift-clicking and Ctrl-clicking entries to move or delete them could be used to make the organization process much smoother/faster.

I would love to see a native filtering and searching function, and a sorting functionality. Preferably, these features would be applicable to large trees of windows and would run reasonably quickly. This would save me a huge amount of time when organizing my tab trees.

I would also like a more customizable export feature that allows the user to set the format of the pages exported.

Currently, I end up using a lot of text processing programs to help sort out my archives, but the process feels tedious and can be frustrating. Native sorting/searching, bulk selecting, or maybe custom exporting could help remedy this issue.

Despite some things not (yet) included, Tabs Outliner is still very helpful and gets my full recommendation; the way I see it, Tabs Outliner is simply a must-have for Chrome power-users/browsing fanatics and is likely also very helpful for people who don't use chrome on nearly the same scale as someone like myself.


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I have not been able to find an alternative to Tabs Outliner that has all, or even most, of the features I find most critical. It's essentially the main reason I stick with Chrome instead of moving back to Firefox (or maybe Opera?)

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How I use Tabs Outliner

I frequently have many tabs and windows open. If I'm deep in research about some particular topic, or multiple topics, I may end up with over a hundred open tabs. Without tabs outliner, this could become a nightmare, or at least a waste of time and frustration. But with Tabs Outliner, I can easily keep things organized and under control.

  1. The first critical thing Outliner does is show me exactly how many tabs I have open, so I know if they're getting out of control.

  2. Outliner allows me to easily clean up tabs by closing or saving tabs in the Tabs Outliner Window

  3. The tabs Outliner window shows me all tabs on all windows including open ones and saved ones, all in one place.

  4. From the Outliner window I can easily reorganize those tabs to keep everything organized, giving me one place that I can move tabs to different windows, instead of having to open up all of those windows and manually drag tabs between windows.

  5. If, heaven forbid, chrome crashes or otherwise doesn't shut down properly, all of those tabs are saved in tabs outliner. This does mean that if I choose to restore tabs through chrome, I will have duplicates, but I usually choose not to restore them through chrome and restore them manually through outliner instead.

  6. If for some reason I need to shut things down quickly, and want to save all my tabs I can easily do this by choosing "save and close all open windows" in tabs outliner. This is a critical feature for me, if I ever run out of memory on a pc, because the pc will begin to freeze. Saving and closing all windows allows me to continue to working once the operation is finished, saving me a lot of time and frustration.

  7. I can easily find any saved or open tabs in Tabs Outliner with ctrl-f

  8. I can rename tabs and windows in tabs outliner, but I rarely use this feature.

There are probably other features I don't use, and I could be forgetting a few.


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Nothing compares to tabs outliner. It is essentially the only app that acts as both a bookmarks and open tabs manager, and it accomplishes both far better than any bookmark or open tab manager out there. To name just a few specific functionalities that really make it stand out - the speed at which you can drag and reorganize nodes, backing up to google drive, exporting to text, excel, etc., and adding notes, separators, and window groups, are all immensely helpful for productivity. Once you use tabs outliner, you will immediately depend on it. The only things to add that would make it perfect would be if it would allow you to select multiple nodes at once, had a mobile version, could sync across devices, and could optionally utilize a table/database format as opposed to the outline format.


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It's an extremely flexible extension that not only allows you to organize your tabs in many ways, but also take structured notes associated with them.


No longer free

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I was very disappointed to see that this app is now basically trying to shake everyone down for $15 by disabling the right context menu, keyboards etc. I get you have to make a living but I'm now uninstalling this. This app is useful but has always been wonky and worked...OK...and I tolerated it's bugs for the simple fact that it kept my list of active tabs opened, and I could move tabs to a folder, but there is no way this is worth the hefty price of $15, IMO.