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The purchase was a financially bad decision.

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Years ago I've purchased as small business a Tableau Desktop Professional license for almost 2000 USD.

That time I thought it was a good investment.

Before the purchase I've asked for the annual software-update prices as this is a critical factor if you have a small business but lots of software licenses.

In the next 3 years they raised their prices from yearly 150 EUR to a 250 EUR, but released almost ZERO updates ( just one small update per year ).

After 3 years I had no money to buy an expensive update and the support contacted me via Email.

I told them I need to stop the software renewals for a certain time.

They given me a trial for 2 or 3 month to buy it ... it wasn't possible for me that time.

Tableau answered, if I stop buying JUST 1 renewal - I can buy the full license again 2000 USD, if I want an update at a later time.

I'm done with these gangsters! As it's not possible to get an update anymore, you can forget about the money you've wasted.

DON'T STEP INTO THIS TRAP - THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY and shit on you if you don't pay and pay and pay and pay ...

Go and visit their website, check yourself if I'm telling you the truth.

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has interesting public examples

here !/