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Tested on Windows 7 x86 - Trident version

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Synthese is a great alternative for Mozilla Prism that have been discontinued, well more like re-created and renamed to Chromeless by Mozilla.

It use the Xulrunner and run on Trident for now, but they say that a next update will upgrade the engine to gecko ! And it's a great news, if they integrate the main great functions of the last version of Firefox, like plugins, themes, addons, Bookmarks, etc… it can be really interesting !

If they create a "portable desktop-web-app creator" to pack the created app with Synthese to a portable format, then no need to install anything all is in the package, the webmasters can create a desktop version of their online or browser based app, add their custom addons specific for the website, and then share it easily to the users ! (think to suggest this to them too :] )

Well the navigation miss some things, but if you want to turn any website to a desktop app in less than one minute, you can try Synthese immediately!
You will see that it's really convenient, and fastest than opening a browser waiting for all to be loaded, login, etc…

Synthese store the coockies and cache in a specific folder too, and if you open an instance of your web-app and login with any social account, you can open another instance and you will be logged immediately.

(+) Plus
× Really easy to use, consume not much RAM too, it's great.
× Launch the webapp creator, enter a site name, the url, chose the favicon if there isn't any, and save, you can move freely the created shortcut.
× A future update will upgrade the engine from trident (internet explorer) to gecko (Mozilla Firefox), there is a possibility to see many functions of Firefox in synthese ! (plugins, addons? well I hope it!).
× Use the XulRunner created by Mozilla for their Prism software (now named "Chromeless"), but without the "duplicate all cache and temp data" of Prism, it create 1 user config, store each websites cache to respective folders, and use shortcuts to set icons, names, url of the websites.
× Work perfectly with javascript, anchors, and most of the modern websites systems.

(-) Cons
× Inexisting Navigation & URL bar.
× The mouse context menu is used for navigation, but it's all….
× The Flash Player plugin can consume a lot of ressources (CPU).
× No real configuration to do.
× A little laggy on flash websites.