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Synkron has automatical symmetrical file-deletion

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In difference to SyncBack free edition Synkron has an automatical file-deletion at the other side (equal which side) of a sync-folder-pair, if file-deletion-time was later than last-file-change-time at the side, where the file still exists.

The advantages of Synkron in comparison with other sync-apps are:

Not very important disadvantages:

  • No (without mouse visible) indication of date, time & size of the files in the two sync-directories, what is usual in all other sync-apps. However: if you move the mouse over "OK" or "OBSOLETE" you see Date and time of the files.

  • relatively long analysis- and syncronization-procedures only with hourglas instead of progress report

  • Difficult to understand terms: OBSOLETE means:
    The files in both directories have a different modification date.
    Better instead of "obsolete" would be "time difference"

  • You cannot call a bat-file after the synchronisation, as this is possible with PureSync or Synchredible.

  • You cannot start a sync, if a USB-stick is detected as you can with Synchredible or USBagent


Nice video review

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Disappointing after a while

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Initially I thought this was a great program, being similar to Syncback but on the Mac. Joy was shortlived. Trying to sync large amounts of data caused it to die. Shame that Syncback SE doesn't have a Mac version as that is the biggest program I miss moving to a Mac.