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Synctrazor is a must when you use syncthing on Windows

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Synctrazor is a tool that make 'Syncthing" run smoothly on Windows computers.
Syncthing is the best open source synchronization tool. It's Dropbox without central cloudstorage.
Syncthing works on different platforms and has a limited webinterface and the way it handle things is Linux-ish. So for the avarage user. syncthing is a bit hard to maintain and there is where you need "Synctrazor"

Synctrazor is the start and never look again interface for Syncthing. It handles the update, makes it auto startup en just warn you when there is an issue and shows how to solve it.

When you on Windows and want the best synchronization tool, you must download Syntrazor (it automatically download the latest Syncthing for you )


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It is the best free way to synchronize files for computers in local network. It works peer-to-peer, like torrents.