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easy enough for a novice like me...!

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I have an iMac with an attached 1 TB Hard drive. My skill set is a little above a beginner (certainly not advanced). I partitioned that drive into a 600 GB Time Machine and a 400 GB “Sync” partition. My Time Machine (partition and back up) works well; though I also wanted a sync partition that I could simply use to view latest files w/o having to use Time Machine.

I tried rsync and Synkron and could never get those programs to work. Finally I got the $10 DropSync program to sort of work; though there were various information files that I likely didn’t need to back up which sometimes synced and sometimes didn’t. After a while that program stopped working.

Finally I tried the inexpensive (and easy-to-use) SyncTime. The set-up was straightforward for a novice like myself. There was a simple check box to “exclude hidden files”. The Destination tab had a simple box to enable “Remove items not on source” (so deleted files wouldn’t remain in back up). Even the “Advanced” tab was easy. I simply enabled “One-way sync: mirror source to destination” and “Once synched, keep synchronized in background”. The total set up time took ~ 15 minutes without having to read complicated help sheets.