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If using SyncThing on Windows get SyncTrayzor instead

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SyncTrayzor will encapsulate SyncThing within a regular program window. Can be closed and/or minimized to tray and start-up minimized as well. You can still access the web interface if desired. The SyncThing executable keeps a (ugly) taskbar slot constantly open, SyncTrayzor fixes this. Get it here,
Also, I would like to add that it works just fine on Windows 10 x64 (TP-10130) without a hitch.

I sought out an alternative to Bitorrent Sync and SyncThing+SyncTrayzor takes care of my needs.

Thank you for mentioning this utility! My biggest issue with SyncThing was having to keep a terminal window open all the time.

If you are using Linux (terminal?) you can run it with "screen syncthing". Then just press Ctrl + AD and you have it in the background. Get screen by inserting "sudo apt-get install screen" if you are running debian-based distros like me.


Fast and simple

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It's easy to deploy and use. My favorite feature is that it can be used to sync files between servers. The android client is some low-quality one though, it consumes too much cpu and renders the phone unusable.


Easiest way to run Syncthing

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Syncthing is amazing. I started using it about 2 months ago, and it's been great. My company, Portal - lets anyone self host open-source cloud applications like Syncthing at their own domain, on their private cloud server.

log into our Demo to try Syncthing on Portal.


Great - When it works.

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Awesome tool when working properly. Breaks often, suddenly can't sync for whatever reason. Also no native Windows service support, so need to be logged in for it to run or use alternative method to run as service. Has great promise.


A Thing of Beauty

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I recently switched over to Syncthing from Bittorrent Sync, and at first I couldn't really figure it out. (Basically if you want similar basic functionality, don't check Master folder on any shared folder).

Anyways after a little experimenting, I found it runs in the background really well. Set and forget. Everything stays updated.

I would really love to see some kind of 3rd party security test be done on it to see whether it's as good as it says it is :)

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If you need peer-to-peer syncing, I think this is the best tool out there for it.