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The software was an utter failure at its supposed purpose, and it mangled my computer to such an extent I had to boot it up from an emergency disk and spend hours picking out the bits of garbage they installed and deleting them.
In this case, I was trying to sync and transfer music files between a Mac and an Android-based music player.  I installed the free version of the software on my Mac, and it only did a limited number of things, none of which were what I wanted it to do.  So I paid for the "Expert" edition of the software and installed it.  It was a disaster.  This "Expert" package installed pieces of itself all over my operating system, without including an uninstall routine.
The new software immediately upon launch began to play havoc with my machine, turning the monitor on and off in a rapid fashion without pause.  When I managed to get that calmed down (though the monitor image was crazily askew), I tried to sync the computer with the music player in all three ways on offer (USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth).  IN ALL CASES THE SOFTWARE FAILED to sync the music player and computer.  Nothing I tried worked.  Just kept getting error messages.  When all their garbage was off my computer, it went back to normal operation.