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SugarSync is nice, but Syncables is nicer (IMHO) -

I've used Syncables 360 for quite some time and it is the best on the market. Was a long-time PC user who bought a Macbook and had all of these important folders and such on my PC. I easily moved that data to my new Mac using Syncables, and now I have set it up to automatically keep all of my files, emails, browser bookmarks, contacts, media, And my entire music library up to date between both computers. Very, very awesome. It is sophisticated, has an elegant interface, and is fun to use. And it's easy on my wallet - I pay one time. I don't have to fork over monthly fees for more storage capacity in the cloud while worrying about the security of my personal information by using a lot of these other services like SugarSync to sync my content over the Internet, ya know? Go with Syncables or at least go all out with SugarSync and get their premium product. I wouldn't waste my time with 2gb of free space if you want to sync/store/share any media or music.