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Been using it for 2 years and happy with it. Some things to be aware of:

  • the iOS app is not that great, I don't use it but I don't need it so..not an issue for me
  • because it uses encryption, it's a bit slower when up/downloading. (fast en not secure/slower and secure, there can be only one..)
  • it's a sync service, but has a [Vault] where you can store stuff that's not synced. Use it as a space to park your important files. syncing is not a backup!
  • versioning/history with restore
  • easy sharing of files, with passwords if you want
  • web interface is not brilliant, but gets the job done
  • friendly and fast support
  • nice bang for buck (not even 50 bucks a year for 500 GB)

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Too good to be true. 3TB for 10$ / mo? Okay, or they have a long-term business model, and only after 1 year they will start to receive some profit from paid users, or they simply hide something about encryption. I see a massive advertising campaign on the internet related to this service. This is a really huge money, really a lot of money. Who is behind them? I did not found any info yet. Someone really rich must be behind them, otherwise, it's another service for gathering users information and use it against users.

What I do not like:

  • their apps for me - weird.
  • Upload speeds vary
  • Website - copy-paste from Dropbox, which is a super bad and dirty sign.

Anyway, without proofs that they're bad, I can't say anything really bad about them yet. Only the time will show, but be careful with something that offers 3TB for 100$ / year. This is an economically weird thing.


I completely agree with this review. I've been using this service for a year as a free service and for almost another year as a paid user. The problem is that it's not very clear who's behind it and their aggressive pricing makes you think for the worst, honestly. I moved all my stuff to a private VPS with NextCloud and I don't plan of renewing Sync.com's service at all.

Also no development in 2 years whatsoever, no changelogs or future plans for new features. This service is very dodgy to say the least. You've probably stumble upon it because you have privacy concerns, so if you do have privacy concerns you'd probably better stay away from this.

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Secure cloud service: zero-knowledge policy with client-side AES encryption at rest and in motion. 250% more free storage than Dropbox (by default).


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Fast support and overall working well on Mac, but they don't offer a Linux client so that I'm thinking about switching to another service.


Great service!

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I use it daily to keep files in sync across my devices and protect against ransomeware.