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Been using it for 2 years and happy with it. Some things to be aware of:

  • the iOS app is not that great, I don't use it but I don't need it so..not an issue for me
  • because it uses encryption, it's a bit slower when up/downloading. (fast en not secure/slower and secure, there can be only one..)
  • it's a sync service, but has a [Vault] where you can store stuff that's not synced. Use it as a space to park your important files. syncing is not a backup!
  • versioning/history with restore
  • easy sharing of files, with passwords if you want
  • web interface is not brilliant, but gets the job done
  • friendly and fast support
  • nice bang for buck (not even 50 bucks a year for 500 GB)
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Secure cloud service: zero-knowledge policy with client-side AES encryption at rest and in motion. 250% more free storage than Dropbox (by default).


Great service!

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I use it daily to keep files in sync across my devices and protect against ransomeware.