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Good. But not Completely Secure!

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Sylpheed is very good, for what it does, but with one very important caveat.
Sylpheed stores all your passwords in plain text.

As to why the authors choose not to use encryption is beyond me. Encrypting user credentials is essential. It should never be optional. FileZilla is another example of an extremely popular program that leaves users exposed in precisely the same way. Tsk!

This lapse in security seems not to bother some people. Although it should. So please be aware and be safe


Fast and lightweight

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Dropped using my 365 online email account as I found it slow and clunky.

Sylpheed with an inbox open is using 11.4MB, with the same inbox open via Office365 in Firefox it uses 81.7MB! I just need to check and answer my email - that's it. Sylpheed is fast and does the job.

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Simple and Working

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This is my current email client. It is simple indeed and I like it. I just want my emails. I switched from thunderbird


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Sucks...cant get it to work with gmail
pure crap probably chinese spyware