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Not too reliable

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Sometimes it works, but mostly there are problems with audio-video sync. Often misses one of video channels or one of audio channels. Previous version (spring 2014) was worse, Now using most recent version - still getting problems - not all the time, but occasionally. Pamela seems to be more reliable although it also looses audio once in a while and its video is not as good (low frame rate, it is essentially a screenshot from skype, not original video stream). But at least Pamela is more reliable. It is a shame to have a video interview messed up.

Update: I have a paid version, and they do respond by email.
It is 2 versions later, Jan 2016, there are new problems with the recording: my sound is many times weaker, and the video of the other side hasn't recorded - mine is fine and the other side is black. Although it was fine during the conversation.

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