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NOTE: This refers to (the last?) stand-alone downloadable version: 3.3, before they went ONLINE

This app is much better than 'Writer's Blocks' even thought its a lot cheaper, at least when I bought it.

I used to quite enjoy using this and i did a few uni assignments with it.
I would have loved to have written my book using it, but it had too many limitations - which led me to largely abandon it. Though I still come back to it from time to time.


  • You can nest notes inside each other like russian dolls (cards go into decks)
  • Navigation by breadcrumbs and outline tree
  • You can just throw a card inside a deck - something I just discovered today in trying it again!
  • and much more

CONS - problematic !!

  • In certain layouts, it made a real mess of the cards if you tried to re-order them, defeating the main USP of the app.
    Looking at it again just now, I can see that WRAP layout retains the order of cards well, but it defeats the purpose of being able to lay things out to express different chunks/collections of information. For that one needs to use separate COLUMNS or ROWS - which it has. But from memory it seems to mess the order of those up easily and it doesn't have an UNDO.

  • In fact it lacks an undo in ALOT of things.

  • It also lacked options in formatting text

  • You couldn't even add clickable URLS in the text, let alone pictures...No drag and drop of course.
    (Well, you COULD add clickable URLS using their 'reference' section for each card, which was highly confusing and long-winded to use)

Besides, they went online and I don't trust or like online-only apps. And I loathe subscription models.

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[Edited by TimAustralia, May 24]