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Love it!

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I use this everyday. I haven't tried any other SNES emulators, but I haven't had a reason too. I've never had any problems with this app. The "load game" could be a bit more simple, just keep all your files in one folder for easy access. The only issue I really had is the mapping. If you are using a wired USB XBOX (or PS convertor) you are going to want to download Xpadder. Map the controller to buttons on your keyboard, then go into the emulator and set the input to the keyboard keys you set the controller to.


sadly i have usually problems with this app like running unreleased games and some other problems... but SuperGNES is just better than Snes9x

Snes9x duplicated code

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Apparently it's extremely likely that these devs illegally used source code from the Snes9x project in order to make this emulator. Snes9x's license forbids use of the source code for commercial purposes, yet SuperGNES is being charged for.

I know I won't be funding this emulator any time soon


I agree with the other commenter. SuperGNES is a rip. The cycle accurracy and internal strings match. Plus, I've done some manual decompilation and sure enough, more and more matches. I would report it on the Android Market, but I felt like until I could verify legitimacy I would not buy it. Good thing, too.