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used to be perfect

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version 2.2 beta is the last great version I know
since the project has changed from developer, I noticed bugs (unacceptable for file copy). Can't trust this developer any more.


miner.exe parasite

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this program sadly utilizes a miner.exe. First I thought it's mine bitcoin service, but looking at it with process explorer (Small Process Explorer iconProcess Explorer) it become clear that it is for supercopier. I became very angry. This program used my CPU to make money for it's creator via bitcoins. It was totally unclear to me, I do NOT remember that I was specifically asked permission to allow this! And I do not want this!
My machine became exceptionally sluggish. miner.exe was using ~90% of my CPU.
Effectively the author of supercopier was stealing my power that I need to pay the checks for.
And also providing me a frustrated experience with my computer.

After this, I cannot trust this program. Did it leave any extra virus? Did it maybe install keyloggers? Who knows!


The best

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Not updated since 3 years, he stay the best windows copy-manager replacement.

  • TeraCopy and some other don't have system integration (ctrl+c / ctrl+v intercepting)
  • ultracopier is too unstable.

thanks a lot to GliGli & Zeus, its creator.


@The best
TeraCopy does have system integration since like forever..