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It is not what it is used to be

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I remember using this software long time ago, I would say somewhere about 10 years ago. It is a really effective software at the time with a lot of options to set it up and which one I want to convert it to. I am looking for converter that would insert the .srt file in the video file. I installed SUPER and it have a weird bundleware will keep bugging me to install additional "codec". I already cancelled it twice but somehow it got a hold of it and installed hijacker in my computer. Then I got a image of porn across the screen without any way of exiting it. So I have to force shut it down and go in safe mode to remove the hijacker through MalwareByte.

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I remember this used to be decent encoder - and probably still is. But it is nearly impossible to find the link on the website for the free version. After I managed - it installed around 5 other software pieces, lots of crap - no option to unselect it during installation. I uninstalled the crap, but my firefox browser is fucked up anyway - I'm getting popups every few minutes, even though I use uMatrix, uBlock.... really annoying.
EDIT: few hours later I'm still cleaning the crap... background services, scheduled tasks in Windows... this installs not only some harmless toolbar or so, but genuine malware or viruses. DAMN

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SUPER has a countless number of Output containers and video/audio codecs, haven't seen this with any other encoder.
It works on various gaming and portable devices, Xbox, PS3...
It has a 3D engine working with videos and photos!
the 3D engine can be used even with H265 and other lossless video codecs
it also has a 3D into 2D and a direct 3D to 3D
you really need to search a loooot to find any equivalent.
Listing any other video encoder available on the net does not make it an alternative to SUPER.
and finally... many articles on the net since 2005 (we are now in 2017) talk about SUPER is a trojan is a malware is this & that, However, it is always here after 12 years doing even better than all others. The fact of having Google Adsense running on their web page since yeeeears is a very good trust sign.


Nasty hidden adware bundled

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I can't uninstall the adware, so I have to reset to a restore point or reformat my PC. It's not even a good converter. Use Handbrake.


this sucks

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Loads up your PC with Ad-ware, Spyware, and Malware. puts about 6 different programs on your machine that you need a decent anti-virus program to eliminate. not worth the hassle. always has been a great program in the past but turned malicious. Program acts like it's un-clicking ad-ware etc, but installs anyway.