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SO Bummed

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This calendar was awesome -- such a smart synthesis of features not available in any other calendar, like an Android keyboard that lets you send people your available times. Also one of the only calendars where you could see your Facebook and Google events in the same place.
WTF do we do now?

Trying to figure this out myself. It's such a damn shame. Even the Chrome app was excellent, and my main calendar on Windows. I keep trying other calendar apps on iOS, and some of them come close but are not quite there.


Thanks Microsoft....this used to be a great app.

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Received notification this week that Sunrise will shortly cease to function, due to their switch to Outlook. Well, I use Google Calendar so I guess it's goodbye to one of the best calendar and planning apps I've ever used.

Thank goodness for - let's hope Microsoft don't buy them up too.


Great, but now part of Microsoft will make it worse

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This app had a great integration with Google Calendar but now that Microsoft has bought it they are focusing all their efforts into Outlook.

Goodbye Sunrise!



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I'm using it to coalesce 2 different Google calendars