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Intuitive online backup spoiled by awful network/system use

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SugarSync is a real mixed bag. On one hand the service as a whole has some really intuitive features that would probably make it my #1 choice for an online backup solution. However, on the other hand, the way its client app (ab)uses and (mis)manages network bandwidth, drive access and CPU usage is so poor that it ranks amongst one of the biggest resources hogs of recent times. To put it in terms, SugarSync is often so poorly responsive bog down a system as badly (if not worse!) than, for example, running Firefox with 3-4 dozen extensions and 50-100 tabs open or, say, Photoshop loaded up with heavy duty extensions and a dozen huge ultra-high res projects open at once.

The last straw (for me) was the fact that it CONSTANTLY is syncing. After two weeks of usage it still hadn't fully upload the ~4 GB of files I had hand-picked as my backup essentials. Even files that hadn't been modified since I began using SugarSync keep appearing in the upload queue as if they had changed and needed to be synced with the online backup. The impact was significant enough that I noticed a big slow down in web browsing (page load times, etc.) and, upon closer inspection, my ratios on private torrent trackers were plummeting because SugarSync's endless and rampant syncing was crowding out my bittorrent client no matter how I tweaked the upload bandwidth throttling.

It's a shame because after trying a variety of online backup solutions -- including DropBox, Mozy, SpiderOak, Wuala and SkyDrive -- I found that SugarSync was the all around best in terms of features. The overall service is just implemented poorly though. If the syncing/bandwidth issues were resolves, I'd definitely give SugarSync another shot.


Test the Win8 App

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I think thats the best win8 app, from cloud services.
I think that is useless a single browser like Dropbox, now SugarSync enables interactivity with the win8 app
and now you can check the file direct from cloud, use it, modify it, and save it direct to cloud, without the need of the classic sugarsync service installed on your win8. Just Perfect
Again one awesome innovation from SugarSync.

Sorry for my bad english!

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referral link

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i don't believe the other guy, so i tell you the truth, with this link
we get 500mb each.
and yes I like sugarsync 2.0!

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Always "Syncing"

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Every single time I look at SugarSync... either on Mac or Windows it's "downloading" or "Uploading" although I wouldn't know what. Always need to restart the application for it to stop acting stupid.


Deleted all my music

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I had a trial with this software, and when I realized it didn't have all the features I wanted, I decided to unsync all my folders. Bad idea. SugarSync deleted all my files locally too. So yea, cannot really recommend this to anyone.



Sugarsync client (for windows) is bad !!!

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Sugarsync client for windows is awful !

This soft cause my system (Windows 7 SP1) BSOD (blue screen of death) when I exit the program or reboot my system !


Just Magic ! *5 Go free into the cloud*

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After 5 month using Sugarsync for personnal and professionnal use :

Easy to set up. Just install and forget it ! All job is done while you're working on files or folder.

Easy share (read only or collaborate !) and easy backup ! (it saved lots of hours 3 times with file version system).

With the referral program you can earn 500 Mo for the free plan and more for paid plans...

Android, Mac, iOS, Win7... access my data everywhere... so cloud, so magic !

My preferred with Spideroak :-)

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It has problems with file update and refreshing and can cause system reboots with BSOD-like screen blink on closing.
Stupid bird.


Only Online-Folder-Sync, no LAN-Sync

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In difference to SpiderOak or DropBox, SugarSync can only Online-Folder-Sync, no LAN-Sync
I use virtual machines (VDMK, VHD) stored on quick USB3.0-connected SSD-harddisks.
If this SSD-disk is connected with my home-PC I want to synchronize certain folders about LAN-sync.
If this SSD-disk is not connected with my home-PC, I want to synchronize certain folders about internet.
With SpiderOak I can do a triangle-sync for folders: online-folderhome-pc-folderSSD-folder. Automatically the quickest accessable folder will be synced. With SugarSync at presence this is not possible, because you only can do online-folder-syncs.
I suggest to implement LAN-sync as a new and very useful feature for next SugarSync-versions.
With DropBox you theoretically can do LAN-syncs, but this function is not transparent enough to be sure, that it really works.

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Switched from paid Dropbox to paid SugarSync, and I'm not looking back :)


Currently just NOT happy with SugarSync

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SugarSync appears to be going thru some issues check thier forum as they have had an ongoing issues of SS connecting and disconnecting that effected me and many others for most the month of December. They also have started a fee based live support feature that cost as much or more then a years subscription for the actual service. I was a big fan of SS untill it went whacky recently. If they can get some stability back I think they have the best product, what I like best is the ability to deside what folders sync to which compters this allows me to keep my private files off my work machine. From what I understand DropBox can't do this. I suspect the Magic Briefcase feature in SS is essentially similar to Dropbox in that that feature syncs across all machines and while that is great for some folders it is not good for ALL folders. Not sure what I am going to do, but currently just NOT happy with SS. I wish DropBox could control folder access by machine instead of the all or nothing approach

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I have been using SugarSync for over a year and recently renewed my annual subscription for a second year. I was very happy with it until about two weeks ago (early December 2009) when my files stopped syncing. I was recommending to my friends. When it works it is a great application and worth the price of an annul subscription. However, until they get their recent technical problems under control, it's not worth anything. I have had to fall back to Windows Live Sync for a few critical folders. SugarSync will not upload files from some of my folders and is making incomplete syncs. Unfortunately, technical support has been very slow and has not solve the problem preventing my files from syncing. I wonder if they have taken on new customers too quickly and don't have the infrastructure to provide the service under the heavier load.

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I was a die hard DropBox user before. But that only lasted until I tried the paid version of SugarSync. Lots of neat features that a DropBox user only could dream about. Everyone should give this piece of software a go. I cannot live without SugarSync nowadays.

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SugarSync covers Evernote functions partly better for free than EverNote: Invited guests can edit notes in shared notebooks in web-interface ONLY in Evernote PREMIUM accounts, not in the Evernote Free account.
If you want to use this very useful feature for free (e.g. for a shopping list with MS Word *.doc files), then you can do this with SugarSync.
To all shared folders in the "Magic Briefcase" of SugarSync all the members of your family have synchronized editing and viewing access on all their computers and (only viewing) on "Windows Mobile" devices, and they all can use freely selectable file-types.
In Evernote for "Windows Mobile" you can edit and sync unformatted notes, with SugarSync mobile you can edit and sync all file types with all formatting features in the web-interface or on all Vista PCs, and read it in "Windows Mobile" devices, in SugarSync for "Windows Mobile" edited files will not be synced to Web-Storage and Vista folders, however.