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By far the best.

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Far better for subtitle authoring than all of the current alternatives (yes, I tried all of them). The UI is everything you could want it to be (just remember to enable the video preview and audio waveform panels).

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The Best Hands Down

The best and most powerful subtitle editor out there with lots and lots of amazing tools. It's organized yet simple, has more features than others especially Aegisub and has a great and beautiful UI. It really puts Aegisub to shame.

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A good alternative to Aegisub it does essentially the same with some add featres like my favorite; you can navigate the movie trhough the aspect audio wave "or whatever term" it is. It is like having the audio wave so you can adjust better the subs.

It has happened a little latley but since I use it I am getting less desynchronized subs when I synchronized them manually from the Internet I mean. Neat interface. And as said you can synchronize them the bulk of the subs moving them seconds or minutes forward or back.

Unless other better app exists I am keeping this one forever.

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Plenty of amazing features and great UX.