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Best editor, though not free

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Fast, a lot of plugins, no useless stuffs


In Beta V3 since ages!

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When do they release the FINAL V3 ?

The beta V3 are stable enough...


The license $hit

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While most will just use it and put up with the "you're using a trial, please buy the license."

You don't charge dirty, poor programmers $60 for a text editor. No matter how good it is, you'll just scare away the peasants to something murdering them inside such as Notepad++. Trust me, the editor is brilliant and is totally worth switching to if all you use if simple stuff. Arguably better than even Textmate, perhaps.

Try it, you might be surprised.

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Powerful, flexible, fast and cross-platform. Well worth the price!

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Fast, lots of extensions, multi-platform. Great!

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100% Love it, I love all the customization that you can use, different packages that you can download. If you are any kind of developer especially a Web Dev like me, then I highly suggest this as it is also free!


Extremely easy to use out of the box with file folder hierarchy

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Its a dead simple text editor to use that supports file tree folder structures on the left pane, unlike notepad++

There's plugins you can install with it as well but if you need things like intellisense or an actual IDE environment I strongly suggest going with either

  • visual studio code

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why all the hate?

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I'm not sure why there is so much hate around this. I love SublimeText.
Been using version 3 for quite some time now. Found out about it from one of the forums within the firm I work in. In my firm this seems to be a favorite. Plus, this is free! Granted there is that Pop-Up reminder that comes every 10 or so saves but it really isn't that big of a deal. To add to that the plug-ins available for this are just brilliant. Add to that the looks; it's very clean, and this becomes a perfect text editor.

It is not meant to replace your IDEs but use it for what it is, a text editor.

Because notepad++ does the job as a text editor and looks less retarded

i have tried to understand notepad++, i have read a lot of documentation, and found it very bad in comprassion between sublime text. Sublime text can beat and already beating any feature in NotePad++ and doing much faster, much better then any other editor at the market right now. People who is writing bad reviews about Sublime Text, not even tried even 1% of these text editor features, and it's shame to them. Sublime Text has saved hell a lot of time for me if compare my experience to NotePad++ usage, for example by multiline search / edit, or project feature or worksets then any other editor at the market. And even speed very good at sublime text, notepad++ fast, but not so good as sublime text...

Sublime text is so un-intuitive, simply click on Settings and you get a chunk of code. Lazy devs can't even include a settings UI for $70 whole dollars. Fuck me right?

Liar! Everything is structured in Sublime Text. Don't lie please. you may confuse the sublime with the atom

Sublime Text

![Everything is structured at Sublime Text Dont lie]( "enter image title here")

Visual Studio Code

![Visual Studio Code]( "enter image title here")

Tell me what you see when you click Preferences>Settings. Way to strawman, you pompous dickwad.


My favourite text editor

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Crossplatform is awesome. Realy
PC at home, Mac Mini at work, all compare to Sublime Text.

Another great feature is height right bar. I can find typical moments in my lists.
Thanks for freeware


Lightweight and beatiful

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Also, after this one every other IDE will look horrid.


Sublime - best editor

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Things I like at Sublime:

  • supports plugins
  • great color theme
  • lightweight
  • works on all platforms(linux, windows, mac)
  • saves open tabs and restores them when opening sublime

Mis ojos

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Mis ojos adoran el color de la interfaz, simplemente perfecto.


Simply AweSomE !!

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This is a kind of text editor I have been searching for months. Nice learing curve, it is simple as notepad and sophisticated as Vim at the same time..


free as in beer

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Sublime is really really powerful and I love using it but I hate getting used to it every time my version expires and they make me download the latest version as I never know when there will come the day when all I learned about using Sublime becomes worthless just because I don't support their latest version. Buying isn't an option neither, as I don't know if my bought version will work unchanged forever, neither.

Unfortunately I can't recommend anything better neither as the free as in freedom alternatives are by far not as powerful as long as you don't touch monsters like Eclipse, which can do much more but not all of what Sublime can do. (I especially love multi-cursor editing in Sublime)

There are few faults in your review.

1 - Based on publicly accessible information from Sublime Website the licence can be used on unlimited set of copies, the updates for the licence are supported until next major release. Next major refers to software going from 2.x.x into 3.x.x or 4.x.x. Sub-versions will be covered by licence, ex updating 2.3.1 into 2.8.1

2 - I noticed the Eclipse tag. Eclipse is an IDE not a text editor. No matter how you look into it Sublime Text is a text editing application, with just bit more features then typical Notepad would have.

3 - Clearly Sublime may look amazingly cool, but it lacks major needed features, and its been lacking them since version 2, and I have yet to see them in version 3 which I own and owned during its beta days.

4 - As mentioned in point "3" there is lack of features which are found in Notepad++ such as FTP. FTP allows you to connect and work nearly live with server in regards to updating the scripts. Similar to Microsoft's WebDeploy protocol found in WebMatrix.

5 - Notepad++, Netbeans IDE, Aptana IDE, WebMatrix or Visual Studio 2012 + Web Essentials Plugin are many times better vs Sublime.