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Subler Worked Like a Charm

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All I wanted to do was remove the audio stream in an MP4 and import another (already encoded as ACC). The process was very straightforward, simply open the file, delete the stream, drag n drop the new one and save.

Job done!


A very decent muxer for iTunes

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Its bigger advantage besides allowing you to mux subtitles (srt only) and audios, is that you can edit the metadata from itunes and manage your video library in a very decent way to share lately with your networked iDevices. It also can do some transcoding from mkv to mp4 and m4v.

Default settings for iTunes muxing works pretty decently. It's the only app that I am aware that can handle a decent conversion and compatibility, however you can't always get the job done since some codecs are not well handled while transcoding and you get a black video track instead. No idea of the reason why.
In any case, it is free and worthy.

Its the better alternative to iFlicks (a better looking interface but too much expensive, 16€) that I have known, while they both work in a very similar way.


Great app!

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Version 0.15 beta 3 works great. Especially with Perian. Sometimes the app crashes when you download cover arts. However it is most likely to be fixed in a future update.