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I will say, the learning curve, moving to Studio One 3 from the DAW's I had past experience with (Ableton Live 6 - 9, Audacity, SONAR, Caustic3, Garageband) was a fair bit steeper than I expected, but my philosophy on all DAW's is that the interface is either immediately intuitive or will require time for your brain to decode the workflow. I'd still consider myself an amateur with it, compared to the others I'd used, and already, the difference in power and capabilities is almost astounding. Studio One is like a God Mode of desktop music production, limited ONLY by your imagination (I almost included "and resources" but decided against. I'd venture to say, if there's a particular instrument, preset or effect you can't get access to or, for whatever unlikely reason, can't find a serviceable alternative to - for free - online, Studio One can be a miracle for exercising creativity within your limitations.) and you'll soon find your imagination jumping into overdrive. Each small problem I solve, by alternate method or silly cheats that I normally would have assumed could never work, opens up a whole new arsenal in my book of production tricks that I can't wait to utilize next session.