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An easy and flexible email builder solution with a huge variety of predesigned email templates


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I have been using Stripo for 3 months and I like the results my email campaigns show. My team started to do e-mail faster than earlier and they look great! I hope that stripo continues to developing amazing features like rollover and smart block in the future.

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I had to find a solution for a bunch of people who write a monthly newsletter. Before they had Stripo, it all revolved around every person having their own software (on Mac, on Windows...). People would export the newsletters as PDF and send that PDF out. Every time the responsibility for the newsletter shifted to a new person, the design was completely redone in a new program. Obviously, this meant that there was neither structural not visual consistency to the newsletter.

As a web-based platform, Stripo solves the problem of people not being able to collaborate due to them being on different operating systems. The revision history is great to have, as well. Overall, I would say that Stripo aims to make things simple by providing sensible default styles. For advanced users, it looks like it is possible to integrate arbitrary HTML templates in such a way that the Email author is still building their E-Mails in a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG fashion.

A nice feature is that one can save blocks in the template that the Email authors can then drag into the email. For example, I made them an article block for the newsletter that consists of an image, some text and a line below the image where they can attribute the image source, if necessary. I do hope that providing a template and working together with people on improving that template will bring us consistency in the newsletter design in the longer run. At least, we are now able to let the next person who becomes responsible for the newsletter pick up at the exact same place that the last person left.

What I personally find very nice about Stripo is that they focus on being an authoring platform for Emails. They do not expect you to upload all your newsletter recipients' Email addresses (which means we didn't need to sign any legal documents regarding the GDPR - we are in Europe). To send Emails, Stripo has a lot of different export options (to all kinds of different Email-sending platforms, but also to HTML, PDF, and, I think, even to Outlook). Due to this separation of concerns on Stripo's side, we are able to continue to use the Email distribution channel people are already used to, and there are no additional privacy concerns we have to worry about.


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I think i am a client for over 2 years now.
The software is great!

What is not great is the company itsellf.
They had a great deal with unlimited users for agencies for a good price.
In the meantime they limited the users and now they changed the pricing aswell.
Now you pay alott of money for only 5 users.

I already had this running and had over 15 clients in the software.
I build a pricing plan around this and had happy custromers.
Because Stripo keeps changing these plans i am not longer able to offer this to clients for a decent price.
I have to offer my clients flexible pricing because at any time the stripo pricing can change again.
As a company this is not something you can build on. And i lost clients because of this.

I think stripo software is awesome, the company sucks.
They where the best software for the price. Now they are just one of many overpriced products.