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Streamtime should not really be included in the project management software category. It's an accounting and invoicing tool that hides time tracking behind a sticky note To Do list analogy without giving you the basic functions of time tracking such as starting and stopping a task/project timer.

As a project manager It lacks all the grown-up features of so many other project management tools such as a roadmap of a project broken down into it's tasks, absolutely no indication of what is 'In Progress' by your team, ability to establish milestones/goals, get any sense how a project is tracking or will or won't meet deadlines and so on.

As a user you can only see what you or others on your team have To Do or already Done. You have no real indication what yourself or anybody is working on or how it relates to what you're doing, you can't comment on or have any discussion on tasks, can't attach files, priorities, dependencies, or due dates and integrations with other tools you might use is non-existent except for relying on Zapier to do little more than one-direction logging of titles of Tasks To Do, then everything else must be done in Streamtime.

Lastly, since the big 2.0 makeover in early 2019? they lost and have never regained keyboard navigation so it fails to meet accessibility requirements or efficiency of use in that it forces you to mouse or drag and drop to log and complete every task.

If you're ready for a real project management tool in order of feature-rich try Jira, Asana or heck even Trello. All of which can be as simple as this or as capable as you need them to be.

[Edited by JasonS, May 19]