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An excellent piece of software

  • It supports all major platforms
  • It supports two step authentication
  • It isnt expensive, lifetime for 80 dollars, compare to dashlane 30 a year
  • It has all the necessary features a password management software has
  • it has a note- taking section

The best password manager ever made.

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If are you looking for KeePass-like apps, where nobody else except you will know password, but you don't have enough time for KeePass configuration and understanding how it works, you just wish to install one app, and everything should work fine out the box, then Sticky Password is your best friend.
No jokes guys. You can't trust to random guy from internet, but just try.

I'm have have around 700+ different internet accounts in my password storage, and i have tried a lot of password managers. The last one were lastpass, which stopped to work fine for me, that's why i have start to search for Lastpass alternative, and i found Sticky Password.

My requirements were very simple:

  • minimal impact on the system (lastpass addons very heavy and overload all pages)
  • password's should be stored only in encrypted state, and only me must know master password for unlocking app.
  • password's except the time when i'm asking for password should be always encrypted, and not stored anywhere (hello lastpass, with raw passwords in memory)
  • easy to use, and with addons, + some basic syncronization with some cloud just for not loosing any data.

And what i want to say? After jumping over Dashline, 1Password, RoboForm, i have found Sticky Password.
These guys do not talk to much, these guys just doing too much! Try it, and you will get what i mean.

For example what i love in Sticky Password:

  • Per website accounts. For example you can keep 10-20 google accounts groupped under 1 website user, and manage them easy, add comments, see password history, etc.
  • Sticky Notes, lol, this feature really awesome, and helping me a lot to save a lot of important for me data in one encrypted place.
  • Out-the-box i receive everything
  • My MasterPassword nobody know, and my masterpass not shared or printed anywhere.
  • The app very lightweight, like KeePass
  • I really loving interface, and how it intuitive created, you should try and you will understand.

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Just pure facts, decide by yourself:

  1. Proprietary software, closed source code.
  2. Apps very bugged, and very rare happen updates (1 time per 2-3, sometimes 3-6 months): https://www.stickypassword.com/download/release-notes-windows
  3. The app full of memory bugs which make very easy to steal password even on locked software.
  4. All passwords protected by 3rd party algorithm that you can't try or proof by yourself.
  5. This password will be THE SAME for your local software storage and online storage.
  6. By default, you will be forced with enabled syncing passwords over their vault for all of your devices.
  7. Technically your password storage will be stored for delivery of your password storage to any of your devices. Or if you will re-install windows you will get your passwords from their storage.
  8. They have closed source, again, they before "hashing" your password will know the original password and can safely store it somewhere and send it to their servers very easily.
  9. They cooperate with Kaspersky and many other antivirus companies by bringing them renamed and with changed logo apps which used as password managers for these antivirus companies. I know about Kaspersky only, but for sure there even more.
  10. You will get absolutely no support, or very slow support if you will have any trouble or will report about one of the infinities of bugs inside their apps.

The most interesting part, it's about their business model.
This is a private company with a closed source, which will force you to think to start from here.

  1. They offer unlimited amounts of "free premium for 1 year" every 3-4 months.
  2. That means there are no paid subscriptions at all, there is no sense in it, because users will switch email and will use another "free premium" for unlimited amount of times.
  3. Their business strategy/plan very weird, and ineffective, which force to ask questions: "why to give free cheese if it is not a mousetrap"?

Think several times before using the product.


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After a year of using this shit, I want to change my review. The old one you can find below this one.

  1. Crap, crap, crap, bugs, bugs, bugs.
  2. For me, it's spyware which works close to all confirmed spyware companies like Kaspersky who using private data against users.
  3. Their payment model not clear at all, they do regularly every 3 months or so "free 1 year premiums". And from where they getting real paid users then if they offer always FREE?
  4. Master password technically very easy to steal. They force you to use the master password the same as on their website. If you're wanna change or unbound it = you will be refused. I mean it's impossible.
  5. They saying too much about security and blah blah blah, but the soft full of bugs, and crashes, issues, compatibility issues with extensions whatever. And you can't verify ANY of their words at all about things what they offer.

About performance:

  • slow, sluggish, buggy app
  • all extensions slow down VERY much browser performance even on modern hardware.
  • compatibility issues with new versions of browsers - common thing and happen every new release of the major version of any browser and extensions stops to work.
  • slowdown web browsing.
  • For a year or more than a year of using it, I faced a lot of problems, hell a lot of problems.

I can't trust this company, I can't verify anything, I do not understand the business model and in what they have profit instead of selling user credentials and access to some 3rd party partners what they have.

Do not recommend.