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Sticky Calculator has a lot of bugs, but don't let that deter you! It's true that selecting text then hitting backspace does nothing, and bold/italic/underline doesn't work, and bitwise operations don't respect parentheses, but this app manages to be amazing despite that. It's my go-to calculator for "quick and dirty" work. In my opinion, it's faster, more reliable, and more intuitive than the built in Windows 10 Calculator because it lets you see what you wrote, fix your typos, and annotate the meaning of your calculations. It's a lot like real Sticky notes. It's far from infallible and it can't do anything too complicated, but its convenience makes that simplicity a bonus, not a drawback.

However, with a plethora of bugs, a very limited free version, and an MIA developer, I can't give the app a truly "positive" review. The app is good enough, but I would be happy to switch if I found an alternative.