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Simple, effective, ingenious

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Among the sticky notes applications that are capable of attaching notes to individual documents (and not just to the desktop) that I have tried, Stick A Note is by far the easiest and most effective because:

  • it only takes pressing a hotkey to attach a note to the selected document (as opposed to other apps, where you need to go through several steps to select the window from a long list, if you have a lot of windows open);
  • it attaches to a specific area of the application window (top right corner) and consistently stays there. This is important because when you move the window around, the sticky note moves with it and stays in the same place. It might be considered a disadvantage if it happens to cover up something important. However, it only takes the pressing of the hotkey to toggle it on or off. Other apps attach their notes in any random part of the screen and do not move with the application window, which means it may get confusing, once you have lots of windows and sticky notes open.
  • notes can be set to show automatically when a document or application window is reopened.
  • it is easy to edit the title of the sticky note to fine-tune what exactly it is getting attached to (in more complex software such as ConnectedText, where a document may be displayed in different types of windows with different titles).

All in all it is an ingenious little application. I love it.

The other software I tried before settling on Stick A Note were Notezilla, GumNotes, and Stickies.