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This software is a hoax. It's a fraud.

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Very simply, the "Defrag" software for Mac, from Stellar does not work. It does nothing. It leads you around in circles with horrible, incomplete documentation. It appears to have been written by an eight year old. I have had several email exchanges with their "support" center to get a refund. They are useless. I usually check-out companies before buying on-line, and failed to do so with this one. Big mistake. I'm out $39 and they won't even acknowledge that they have a problem. They are very clearly a fraud and should be taken to court. See the other reviews on CNET.

A company that sell this kind of crap, then fails to refund an unhappy customer will not be around for long. I hope those idiots in the support center have other plans in mind for their careers, as this outfit is clearly headed for the rocks. Their claims for the product are misleading. It is absolutely unusable!!!! Save your money, as you'll never get it back if you buy this piece of crap.


I agree 100% with the previous posts. I installed it on a 3 Macs - a Powerbook G4, a Powermac G5 and a Macbook and there were problems of different types with each. Stellar have now invited me to download software called Timeview so they can access my Mac from India. No way! I may have been niaive enough to buy Stellar Drive Defrag but I'm not that stupid! Time to put it down to stupidity on my part and forget it, hopefully a bit wiser with a warning to other people not to touch this software with a barge pole.

I forgot to say that although their web site says refunds without question within 30 days that is certainly not the case. After deciding I'd wasted my money I emailed to ask for a refund. I got a reply that said the refund only applied if they had not offered support which in my case was to fix the "problems" their program claimed my hard drive had although Disk Utility had given my drive the all-clear. So another complaint against them is that they won't give you a refund so another reason to give the program a wide berth.

I have also used this software but, I did not find anything wrong with it. It works very effectively and defrag my Mac in a single click. I can check each fragmented file with their size and number of fragments with the use of this tool. My Mac was very slow before 8 months ago, I was suggested by one of my close friend to use Stellar Drive Defrag tool for defragmentation. I did the same and now my Mac is working smoothly.

I am talking about v2.5 of this defragmenting application. Its the OS X Lion , I am working upon.

Buyer Beware!!

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This software is a SCAM! It does not work AT ALL! ruins your HD! The $39 waisted on this fraud of a company will be nothing compared to the time and cost trying to undo its damage.

Forget about a refund. You will receive email after email asking for info and stating you have not replied to their requests. Hopefully you don't waste your money on this crap but of you I did...just move on and forget it. It isn't worth the trouble.

Someone needs to shut this company down.


Effortless Software to optimize Mac

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I got rid from the spinning beachball, occurring in my Mac after attempting any operation. Finally, happy to have more free spaces from my cluttered Mac drive.