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it is VERY easy to disable... or circumvent... and has limited features

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you can just change the system time and it will let you through; you can delete the root extension and voila, it is done; or of course, you can use another browser (Edge is pretty much un-disable-able in Windows 10) to get online.

it does the trick if you already have self-control, but if you have a more serious problem internet filters/router configuration/or an installed program like ColdTurkey (which still is easily disabled if you have some tech savvy) is a better idea. if you can give up Chrome, LeechBlock for Firefox is a MUCH better program with better configuration (although, as with any browser extension like this, you can get around it if you delete the root file in the FF file).


So far so good

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Stay focused is a good piece of code that had helped me a lot. Still it lack of some features that could make me very happy. But oh well, we can't have it all right?


Well on Mac there is Small SelfControl iconSelfControl which I found was everything I needed - it's pretty much impossible to get around the blocking.. I kind of find it lacking that it's only tied to your one browser and that you can stop the blocking mode before time is up :)